Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

Apple Cider vinegar is prepared by fermentation of apples into slurry of juice and pulp after addition of yeast and sugar. It is product of fermentation in which sugar is broken down by yeast and bacteria. In this process first sugar turns into alcohol and further into vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is formed after pulverizing apple juices and could be available in liquid form or in tablets.  There are many discussions over this product, It is available in the market in form of a supplement and has its own pros and cons.


1.    Blood Sugar Control : Apple Cider Vinegar tablets have anti-glycemic effects which helps in improving insulin sensitivity and further helps in maintaining sugar levels. If you are diabetic patient, It can help you control your diabetes by lowering sugar levels but its dosage needs to be consulted by your doctor or physician depending about its side effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets 2.    Lowers Blood Cholesterol : Some of the recent researches about apple cider vinegar has indicated that it helps in improving lipid profile of blood by decreasing bad cholesterol levels and in some cases also helps in increasing good cholesterol. However you need to consult your physician if you want to consider taking ACV.

3.    Weight Loss: Many people claim that ACV dosage helps in losing weight by increasing your body’s metabolism rate.

4.    Prevents Indigestion and Hiccups: A sip of apple cider vinegar juice is considered to be a good factor in preventing indigestion or stomach problems. In many cases it also relieves you from uncomfortable hiccups.

5.    Oral Problems : Apple Cider Vinegar also helps in relieving some of the oral problems like teeth infection, bad breath, Stains etc. It can be applied on your teeth in diluted form for some time before doing brush every day.

6.    Skin Problems : In some cases a diluted mixture of ACV can help in giving relief to some of the skin problems like Fungal infections, Swelling, Pain. It helps in regulation your skin’s pH value. All you need to do is apply it during night time after washing your face. Even it is said that it can be applied with your moisturizer. A dab of ACV can be kept on your affected skin area overnight and can help fade away scars or spots on your skin.

7.    Helps improving immunity: ACV has its long list of benefits and even in some cases it is known to be good for maintaining our body’s equilibrium by achieving a state when body can maintain a healthy alkaline pH levels and helps giving your body immunity to various other diseases.

8.    Helps reducing Swelling, Pains, Cramps : Rubbing diluted form of ACV on your swollen hands and feet also helps in reducing some swelling.

9.    Acidity and Stomache: Some of the experts say that a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar juice can help you control acidity and some stomach problems by controlling your stomach pH factor. It is also known to help in the cases of Heartburn although its dosage needs a proper consultation.

10.    Helps during Body Exhaustion: If you are feeling weak after coming from a heavy workout or hard physical activity, apple cider vinegar tablets are known to help you relieve from exhaustion and refresh your body. If you come out of a physical activity, your body release lactic acid, so a small amount of apple cider vinegar can help you extinguish exhaustion by releasing sodium and potassium which helps in reducing lactic acid in your body.

Apple Cider vinegar tablets has many health benefits as it helps preventing many critical issues related to skin, stomach, heart, skin and mouth. Some experts have even started considering it CURE FOR ALL kinds of diseases and problems but still some researchers have found that excess of its intake might prove to be dangerous to your health. Even it depends on your body condition, your diet and daily intake. So before going for Apple Cider vinegar, one must consider to paying a visit to your concerned doctor or physician. Apple Cider Vinegar may have many health benefits but its usage and type of supplement which you are choosing should only be taken after doctor’s prescription. There are many supplements available in the market but one should always take proper guidance before going forward.